Chambers' Clerk

The acting clerk at Second Floor Selborne Chambers is Skye Arnold.   Skye is the principal point of contact for solicitors wishing to brief counsel in these chambers.

Skye can be contacted on (02) 9233 6400 or

Skye Arnold

Acting Chambers Clerk

Skye has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the expertise of each barrister and therefore is well placed to address enquiries regarding which barrister would be suitable for matters.

Skye is familiar with the New South Wales court system and  has experience in liaising with the associates to judicial officers of the Federal Court, Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court, Supreme Court, District Court, Local Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Administrative Decisions Tribunal, Consumer, Trade and Tenancy Tribunal and Industrial Relations Tribunal.
Skye is available at any time to provide any professional assistance and as the acting manager/administrator of chambers and is responsible for the administrative staff.

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